Cláudia Lopes

I graduated in Biology at the University of Évora, where I also obtained my master’s degree in Conservation Biology. The topic of my dissertation was the composition of barn swallow’s diet (Hirundo rustica), and their possible interactions with the montado. I’m interested in several different subjects, like entomology, but they are focused essentially in nature conservation and, more recently, scientific communication and education.

      Rui Lourenço

      I have a degree in Zoology (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, 2000), a MSc in Conservation Biology (University of Évora, 2005) and a PhD in Biology (University of Évora, 2011). I work in ecology and conservation of birds of prey and owls since 1999.
      My main research interests are: trophic ecology of raptors; road ecology of owls; species interactions and community structure; interference competition, intraguild predation, and superpredation in raptors; ecotoxicology of raptors; birds and ecosystem services; bird distribution and population trends.

        Pedro Salgueiro

        I have completed my degree in Biology at the University of Évora in 2006. In 2009 I have concluded my Master degree in Conservation Biology, and I am currently working on my PhD where I focus on landscape connectivity analysis applied to bird community persistence in fragmented areas.
        My main areas of research are Conservation Biology, Landscape Ecology and Restoration Ecology mainly applied to animal species and communities in human-modified landscapes. My interest relies mostly on unravelling the determinants of species and communities distribution patterns in landscapes vulnerable to change, namely, habitat degradation, habitat loss and landscape fragmentation.

          Pedro Filipe Pereira

          I graduated in Biology (University of Évora) and hold a master in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources (Technical University of Lisbon and University of Évora). In 2017, I concluded my PhD in Biological Sciences – Ecology specialization in Coimbra University focused on interspecific competition of insectivorous birds.
          My main interests are biological invasions and bird conservation and their habitats, namely woodland, riparian and farmland communities.

            Inês Roque

            I concluded my PhD in Biology in 2017, my MSc in Conservation Biology in 2007 and my BSc in Biology in 2003 in the University of Évora. My academic background is ecology and conservation of birds, with a specialization in owls. I’m particularly interested in the links between their ecological role and their close connection to people. Ecotoxicology, habitat relations, breeding and trophic ecology, dispersal, and ethno-ornithology are some of my research interests. I have been involved in the production and delivery of educational and science outreach content, both face-to-face and online. Currently, I’m working in a project focused on restoration, ecosystem services, and biodiversity under the China-Europe Water Platform.