Pedro Salgueiro

I hold a degree in Biology – Scientific Branch from the University of Évora since 2006. In 2009 I have concluded my Master degree in Conservation Biology. Since the conclusion of my degrees I have been specializing in bird ecology and the use of birds as valuable indicators of habitat changes. I have participated on several studies and assessments aiming to determine the impact of human infrastructures and resource management on fauna
My main areas of research are Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology mainly applied to fauna species and communities in human-modified landscapes. My interest relies mostly on unravelling the determinants of species and communities distribution patterns in landscapes subjected to active management and thus vulnerable to changes. Currently, I am working on my PhD project since 2013, where I focus on landscape connectivity analysis applied to bird community persistence in fragmented areas. I am particularly interested in determine critical thresholds of habitat loss and fragmentation and its implications on bird community assemblage and network resilience.