The 2015 edition of FICOR – International Cork Fair, in Coruche, was the venue for the launch of the latest book of Labor “O montado e as aves: boas práticas para uma gestão sustentável” (The montado and birds: best practices for sustainable management). Integrated at the conference “Competence Centre of the Cork Oak and Cork”, which took place on May 30 at the Observatory of the Cork Oak and Cork, the book presentation took place in a session moderated by Dr. Francisco Silvestre de Oliveira, Mayor of Coruche, and by Eng. Paula Sarmento, President of the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests.

In this publication, the authors intend to transmit to the society the scientific knowledge gathered on LabOr about the importance of montados for birds, and on the other hand, the potential for the system due to the presence of birds, from their role as bioindicators to their touristic potential. We highlight two tools to evaluate the conservation of montados based on birds.

Targeted primarily for managers of montados, because it contains a systematization of the existing information under an ornithological perspective, which is an innovation, the book can also be useful in other sectors. “O montado e as aves” was funded under the project SUBERMAN – Boas Práticas de Gestão do Montado para as Aves (Alent-07-0725 -FEDER-001572), sponsored by the Municipality of Coruche.

The book can be downloaded in PDF here.