Ringing birds is a  regular activity at the Experimental Farm of Mitra (EFM) since 2010. We started as part of the ‘Constant Ringing Effort’ stations’ project coordinated by ICNF and the Portuguese Association of Bird ringers.

This project is part of a broader scheme at an European level, and intended to estimate the abundances of juvenile and adult breeding birds of several species. Between late March and mid-July 12 ringing sessions are held. The EEC – Mitra covers different habitats: a maritime pine stand, ‘montado’ and riparian gallery. Over the past four years 828 birds of 38 species were trapped. The most frequent visitors in mist nets were blackbird (110), the nightingale (91) and blackcap (69).

We show two examples of ringing juveniles and adults of two species: nightingale and tree creeper.