Post-fledging dispersal of Barn Owl in the lower Tagus Valley


Scientific Component
Phase I – Ringing (2006-2008)

– To check the source of juvenile Barn Owls found in Ponta da Erva and determine the general pattern of dispersion along the Tagus Valley.
Phase II – Telemetry (2009-2012)
– Determine (1) individual patterns of dispersal, (2) the degree of use of different habitat patches, (3) the importance of several landscape features in the direction of dispersion and (4) the travelled distance and speed.
Environmental component
– Promote information, participation of local communities and diffusion of scientific results, through involvement of individuals and local entities.
– Promote a systematic and regular assortment of relevant data about the Barn Owl population inhabiting the study area, on a multiannual basis in order to assess its conservation status.