Rui R. Silva

Graduated in Biology (University of Évora, 2015) and MSc in Conservation Biology (University of Évora, 2018). My main interests in Ornithology are the bird conservation and their habitats, bird monitoring and scientific ringing.

      Cláudia Lopes

      I graduated in Biology at the University of Évora, where I also obtained my master’s degree in Conservation Biology. The topic of my dissertation was the composition of barn swallow’s diet (Hirundo rustica), and their possible interactions with the montado. I’m interested in several different subjects, like entomology, but they are focused essentially in nature conservation and, more recently, scientific communication and education.

          Luís Gomes

          Degree in Biology from the University of Évora (2002), Master in Conservation Biology from the University of Évora (2005) and PhD in Biology from the University of Évora (2013). I developed research in ecology, ethology, eco-ethology, road ecology and conservation biology with a focus on different taxonomic groups. My area of expertise is eco-ethology of vertebrates related to intraspecific communication. Currently my main research interests include the study of deterministic factors of eco-ethology of several species of vertebrates, modeling and macroecological analysis of distribution patterns of vertebrate species, the impact of anthropomorphic activities on the distribution of species, study the patterns of biodiversity, and biodiversity conservation.

            Fernando Goytre

            I have a technical degree in Management of landscape and Natural Resources from the Agricultural and Forestry Training College in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid, 2007). I began my training in forestry studies, but gradually I specialised in bird study, to which in addition to my work, devote part of my free time. Although I do not have a preference for a bird group, lately most of my work has been related with the study and census of nocturnal raptors, being this the main work that I currently do in LabOr.

                Carla Azeda

                PhD student in Interdisciplinary Landscape Management at the University of Évora. Honours Degree in Biology Applied to Animal Resources – Variant of Terrestrial Resources, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. Master’s in Conservation Biology, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. Main research interests: high nature value farming systems; bird communities associated to the montado system; Mediterranean agro-silvo-pastoral systems; Mediterranean ecosystems; the relationship between agriculture and biodiversity; the impact of agriculture on biodiversity; rural development.